Our training courses are designed with you in mind, you! the corporate busy individual who still want to top up knowledge for work efficiency, You! the private business man who wants to add up to be able to do more and you! the young student who wants to stay focus on your career path and to achive more.    

We have tailored our training packages for evenings and weekends for worker or busy individuals and seasons for students especially during vacations.

Corporate Training 
Organizations and companies get customized training section depending on their time availability so as productivity periods are not disrupted. Organizations have the option to choose their own premises or take the course at our serene Integrated Hall.

Our corporate course include: Advance Microsoft Excel for Statistic, Excel for Financial Analyses, Presentation for Public Speaker using Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote, Complete AutoCAD 2D and 3D, ITIL4 Foundation Certificate Training, Microsoft Office365, Office Application for productive Staff and so more.

Evening & Weekends for individual
We have evening course for workers and individuals who can only make time for learning in the evening and or weekends for computer related courses which such every needs.

BootCamp for students
Bootcamp allow you to master your path with limited time and under strict guidance. It is intended for those who wants to change career, master a course, enhance their skills for quick employment and for freelance. We ensure you have impactful training section with renewed knowledge.

QliqCodBot for Teens & Kids
We are passionate about early childhood education and in particular kids and teen computing, this is why we have carefully developed QliqCodBot. This is a Computer Coding and Robotics course design as clubs which kids and teens are signup by their school or parents while at school or during vacations to nurture the young ones for love and master programing while they are even young.

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