SED Convo 

Software Engineers and Developers Conversation: SED Convo

Date: June 2023              Venues: Qliq Integrations Workspace

We are excited about Technology Engineers and Developers Conference which is the avenue we have created for all young software engineers, developers and Enthusiast from wide and near, Freelance or Cooprate to meet, share, connect and network with one another, be it seniors, peers or juniors in the industry. Join the network to talk about the technology industry in our part of the world, share ideas and experience and have life changing conversations.

Get ready for an evening like no other and meet up this and every June! the ultimate tech-savvy moment where code-geeks, data-manupulators, and programming path finders assemble. We're talking about innovative, cutting-edge technologies and products that changes the face of business operations as we know! This is the THINK TANK to connect with like-minded techies who are not only empowering industries with their game-changing tools but also rocking the digital world with their humor. TEDC is not just about the tech - Its about the people behind it, too... 


TEDC is not Qliq Integrations and Qliq Integrations is not  TEDC, Its a meet and share platform where software engineers and developers, so come and share your triumphs, your interesting moments, and your ambitions to dominate the tech realm, while forging legendary alliances with your fellow tech crusaders.

So, grab your laptop, your caffee / drinking cup, and your sense of humor as you join us for an evening of networking, laughter, and tech-fueled excitement. 


You may also join us via our online link if your outside of Takoradi, during the session, we'll discuss how software engineering and developers like you are using technology to influence the world and the hope for beginners and people looking to enter the industry.

Who's this event for?

  • Junior, mid, or senior software engineers and developers
  • Job seekers
  • Career switchers
  • Bootcamp prospects or graduates
  • Tech Enthusiast

Requirement: None. 

How to apply: Online registration on the SED Convo portal   
Free to apply.

Don't miss this recurring event – a fantastic way to stay engaged with our vibrant community of product professionals. Register and mark your calendar See you there! 

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