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Food Industry – A Case Study

Customer Profile & Overview

Our Customer is this study is a full Ghanaian and Takoradi based Restaurant and Pub company providing good meals and entertainment for the people in and around Sekondi-Takoradi, the client popularity grew so fast that their space at Anaji could no longer host their growing cistomers. It became necessary they reloacte to a more spacious location. Luckily the client relocated to Manketsim White House, a very popular place in Takoradi a good location. the client had two problem to deal with; one: rebrand and market their new place and also to redirect their existing customers to their new location. the client did well to ensure their customers were not lost to their competitors and also increase their customer base.

Just after the client had achieved these and business was moving to peak, the unfortunate world crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic came and like all other businesses the client had to close to clients, after a year the client needed to operate since their business happen to be essential service but not on the usual business routine anymore. They had to find ways of reaching out to their customers to let them know they are still in business, They engaged motor bikes for delivery for clients who calls to order food, also he consulted an app developer for a mobile app but those were not enough. the client needed to engage IT fully for effective tech driven service.  The CEO then remembered  one of the best Business Analyst whom if he consult, could make the difference. He placed the call and booked appointment with Qliq Integrations Analyst.

After a number of meetings and discussions, it was clear that the client wanted to increase its customer base by at least 20% and also find sustainable ways of business continuity in the long term amidst the pandemic.

In Context and Results

A number of considerations were made in other to improve the services and meet the set target:

Work From Home Meal Box (WFHMB)

Qliq Integrations developed additional module within their business framework for the long team should the pandemic continue to have its sword on businesses, this we called WORK FROM HOME MEALBOX.

The WFHMB is an integrated form of the restaurant system and exclusive home delivery. It was built by Qliq for the client as an exclusive mobile app. This was because, ordering from home through an app would be an ideal option in our developing world. This bundled package in not just intended for the business operation because of the pandemic but a lot of professionals who may be working from the office also have hard time having to join long slow traffic and also cue up for food in some cases during lunch and the rush back to office which remains a nightmare for a lot of active office professionals, hence ordering same package will be a best bet in the middle of a busy day and WFHMB seen as huge time saver.

The WFHMB has two main meal packs:

1 .Beverage and snack for breakfast

  1. The lunch pack (which are of different varieties depending on choice and pocket budget).

Client can simply order from online and via phone (WhatsApp, SMS, or call). A notification of confirmation may apply to avoid cancellations.

Other implementations to help improve the client business are:

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