We Work. We Learn. We Play


Innovation comes from doing what you love do and doing it best but the best results comes after occasional breaks and fun. So we at Qliq Integrations have put in effort to make innovation fun and this is why we have carefully designed recreations to bring out the best in our staff while having fun. After all, all work and no play they say makes Jack code bugs.  It does not reduce work time but brings increase in productivity. 

We plan these events carefully and ensure everyone takes part. 


QliqDayOut is our socialization day chosen by voting. We pass notice out for how it should be, by month, by week and venue. After which we make a pick for the natue of the event. The event ranges widely from biking, beach sports to food competition and anything in-between.

It is a full social day for fun and happieness, time with teams and colleagues away from where working issues do not take center stage. All we do best on that day is fun.


Share to know is an exciting and a challenging experience for us at Qliq Integrations, it is a quaterly period event where we meet and share new things from every aspect of life, be it academial to leisure. A period of all play and sharing; for many of us we love sharing new experiences, talk about new things learnt, things we feel will be of benefit to others to make them better.

We all take turn to share by teaching, coaching, experimenting and or presenting to audience, questions are asked, suggestions are made and recommedation are passed. At the end of each person's turn of share, you are rated on performance, relevance of content and general vote is casted for best of Day.Share. 


This is a yearly event for Qliq Integrations staff and or with our family. All staff and families come together for socializations and dinner usually at the forecourt of Qliq Integrations office at Anaji, Takoradi.

Its is a must for all and family unless those with special reasons to be exempted.



This is the CEO's surprise hour with staff, a hungout time which is usually done inhouse. It is a casual time with the boss where we get have one such special moment with the man behind the wheels.

No one is able to tell when or what time it will happen, its a serious surprise that one can never tell for sure. It is a fun time and a call for more kind of a experience.

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