Our Work Culture

The culture at Qliq Integrations is all about work-life integration. We want to be comfortable in our workplaces and for our workplace to be flexible enough to adapt to our lifestyle. We don’t see colleagues as living behind a professional barrier or separation, but as peers and friends with whom we actually want to spend time with and hang out.

What makes us different

Our fulfillment would not be feasible with out people, which is why our work environment allows employees to make use of their strengths and constantly developing their skills. We believe in recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance, loyalty and commitment. But we also believe these can only be achieved with team that believe in teamwork because teamwork works.

Qliq Integrations offers growth opportunities for every employee and intern. We have clearly defined career paths, and we promote employees based on performance. When we open a new position, we look at internal employees first in order to continuously promote from within.

Feel of Respect & Care 

We work in open and friendly environment where everyone respect your ideas, care as much about what you can do as what you have done, helping you to discover, apply and develop your strengths and talents.

Highly Accommodative

Our friendly workspace always brings all of us close and to each other. We stand by each other and always motivated by colleagues productivities. We believe together we achieve and our strength comes from our team cohesion

We’re Creative 

If you’re a results-driven person looking to make a difference in the world, consider why we may be right for you. we believe and live in a world of possibilities, this is why impossible is not our language, you imagine and We create and deliver to perfection.

Our Corporate Culture

We encourage the development of professional atmosphere of mutual respect and focus on the core business and take pride in our culturally diverse team of capable professionals by celebrating a multitude of backgrounds and cultures.

Our Diversity

Considering the fact that we are in an industry with a strong technical focus, which is open to diverse background hence it is important to achieve a balanced in culture and gender ratio in all areas of our business activity. An inclusive work environment and culture is in our DNA, where people from all backgrounds can contribute and give out their best. We have continuously review and improve over the years.


I T For SHS Leavers

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