is made of Software Engineers, Product Engineers, Machine & Deep Learning technophiles as well as Entrepreneurs who are putting their talents into products and services that solves business and everyday problems. We came together from various backgrounds with one vision: to gather together knowledge share, knowledge train, and to use user-centric approach to produce innovations with complete understanding of the business needs before building solutions or the services.

Whatever your business may be whether you run a creative agency, a digital studio we have your interest.

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Since the beginning, our main interest was to help entrepreneurs of all kind, especially Startups to build new software solution that matters to their businesses. Building products and services that makes lives easier and better, for everyone, including ourselves

The quality of our software development and all our services comes from how we treat each other and our cherished clients. Our talent remains approachable and ready to lend a hand because it’s the right thing to do. 

We think you should feel the support from the people working with you and for you

Qliq Boot Camp and Entrepreneurial Sessions

<p>All young I.T. students and "up and coming" freelancers are pregnant with ideas and innovations, but the difficulties lies with where to begin. This is why Qliq Integrations periodically organise course and Boot Camps on Software Engineering and Innovations as well as Entrepreneurial training dubbed "Start Up Ghana".</p>

The focus is to groom a lot of young developers to fill in the demand and help the ones with "Can do" mind set to chat their own destinies.

Our Team

We are one big family with common interest and a team that understand each other and work collaboratively. We are Qliq!

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I T For SHS Leavers

I T for SHS Leavers Get a head with IT proficiency Prepare yourself for Tertiary Education Team Projects. Communication Skills for presentations Register: https://qliqintegrations.com/courses/shs/29