Did you know that 74% of customers do online research before visiting a physical store? In an era of information overload, grabbling a customer's attention can be a problem. That is why visual communication is more important than ever. Every open-minded business person's dream is to make customer service easier for both the customer and the server. They wish their business is always and widely available, internationally reached but should involve low cost to achieve all this. The customer also wants to avoid having to walk down several aisles to locate what they want. Let's not even talk about the stress that comes with joining a queue after locating your item. Restaurants also come with their own strain. Having to wait for your food while another who just came in gets theirs. Is your food even cooking? What if I told you all these problems could be solved at once? Yes, and with Qliq Integrations, we offer the most affordable to solve all your problems. We listen to your problems or dreams and provide you exactly that. Awesome right?

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How Qliq Integrations Solves POS

The POS system is important because it gathers all your data on sales, inventory and customers. This can aid you calculate  and run marketing campaigns that encourage customers to come to your store while maintain your bottom line. Many companies, retail centers, restaurants, livestock businesses, etc. are limited and prone to a lot of dangers. How? They have either hardcopy POS  which is  doomed to get torn, wet or even burnt at a point or, the POS is on a desktop computer that is too bulky to be mobile.  As the world moves faster and further into a thriving technological age, the way we conduct our business must also move with it. 

That is why Qliq is taking you to a whole new level of your business. The POS system is installed on your phone. As a business owner, you can see everything happening at the workplace at the comfort of your home. How cool is that? On top of this, your info never gets lost because everything is on cloud. 

Be classic. Let Qliq elevate your business and its comfort.

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